hotsticksRoss Engineering Corporation’s collapsible Hot Sticks are designed to maintain proper safety clearances from hazardous high voltage while hand holding a test instrument. The 15.5in(393.7mm) long, 1.25in (31.7mm) or 1.5in(38.1mm) diameter sections of the Hot Stick form a rigid handle from 15.5in(393.7mm) to 12ft(3657.6mm) in length depending on your specific needs. Please see the OSHA clearance table to determine what clearance is appropriate for your applications. Each section is constructed using high strength insulating tubing. Hot Sticks are sealed and filled with lightweight plastic foam to form a rigid insulating support. These 15.5in(393.7mm) sections can be joined easily to create the desired length of Hot Stick. Disassembled, Hot Sticks store easily in a carrying case. The collapsible Hot Sticks’ size and weight make them ideal for use in portable test sets. A 5/8 - 11 tapped end is standard and fits most standard equipment. Hot Stick end sections have rubber tips.

6 foot model VMHSC-6-B/C 1.25” Diameter
9 foot model VMHSC-9-C/C 1.5” Diameter

Specifications and Dimensions are for reference only and are subject to change.
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