Analog Wideband DC-1MHz


Ross Engineering Corporation has developed a HV compact analog fiber optic transmitting and receiving system, with optional over-voltage limiting, designed to drive instrumentation from a DC to 1MHz signal source. The system is available with optional multiple input and output ranges of ±0-1V PK, 0-5V PK to 0-10V PK. It will also operate in conjunction with Ross Engineering Corporation’s high accuracy high voltage wideband voltage dividers, which are useful from DC to over 10MHz up to 1,000,000V PK at 0.01% to 3% accuracy. Transmitters and receivers can be powered by either AC or DC.

Ross HV probes can be combined with the Ross Fiber Optic Transmission System to provide isolated, safe instrumentation for accurate high voltage measurement and transient wave shape viewing and recording. The use of fiber optics eliminates conductive cable pick-up and ground current effects as well as isolating high voltage. When a battery or low capacitance isolated power source is used at the transmitter, the system can isolate the transmitter from possible power source interference, ground currents, and if necessary allows it to be at high voltage above ground. The optical and FM mode of transmission will completely isolate instrumentation and will provide stable measurement or display in the presence of shock & vibration on the fiber optic cable and is immune to changes in light intensity.

An optional battery charge level indicator with low battery shut-off is available to eliminate low battery error. An optional fiber optic remote controlled on/off switch which can control the battery operated transmitter from the receiver or other isolated remote source can save battery power when the transmitter is in an inaccessible location and is not required to be continuously operative. The user can also connect an external 12V battery to the external power socket to allow for longer operating time between battery charge cycles. Self-aligning fiber optic connectors allow for quick set-up and easy disassembly for test facility reconfiguration.

Units are available in single or multiple channel sets. The multiple channel sets are rack mountable and will accommodate up to four independent and removable channels. Ross also offers AC/battery operated 50-75 ohm coaxial cable drivers.


Specifications are for reference only and are subject to change.
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