EE & ES Series 12kV-25kV

Typical EE & ES Series

hvrelays10b hvrelays10a
Model EE12-NC- / Model ES12-NC-

eeesseriesmodel1EE & ES Series 12kV-25kV
This series is useful from 1kV to 25kV peak test in air, 1 amp to 25 amps continuous current capacity.  Applications include transfer, safety grounding, shorting, and tap selection.  All high voltage contacts have full insulation above ground.  HV insulation is generally G-10 epoxy glass or equivalent.

Moving contacts make with extra closing force to insure continuing low contact resistance and high momentary current capabilities.   Special silver contacts can be provided for maximum continuous current rating.   Available with auxiliary SPDT 11A, 250V AC contacts for holding, indication, or interlocking.  Other auxiliary contact ratings are available.  Standard actuator is 115V, 60Hz on most models, 24V DC standard on some models.  230V, 60Hz, 115V, 400Hz, and others are also available.


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