0-40kV DC, 0-60kV AC, 0-73kV DC, 0-130kV AC, 0-160kV DC

Specifically designed for Calibrating
High Voltage Measurement Devices or
Testing High Voltage Equipment, Insulation
& High Voltage Interrupters or
other High Voltage Vacuum Devices.

AC Hipot Models ACC-401-
0-60kV AC, 0-130kV AC RMS
5mA continuous, 10mA short time or
25mA continuous, 50mA short time
AC/DC Hipot Models ACC-402-
0-60kV AC / 0-73kV DC or
0-130kV AC / 0-160kV DC
DC Hipot Models ACC-403-
0-40kV DC / 0-75kV DC / 0-100kV DC / 0-120kV DC / 0-160kV DC

Ross Engineering Corporation’s Hipot Control Unit features Variable Voltage Control with safety return to zero. It provides adjustable current overload trip 3½ and or 4½ digit digital meters for easy viewing. Its simplified design is excellent for testing and accurately calibrating high voltage instrumentation or measuring insulation leakage current, and testing breakdown or withstand voltage for any type of device where Hipot testing is appropriate within its current limit.

Optional wheeled carrier is approximately 68 lbs. Reuseable shipping crate adds approximately 100 lbs.

The basic HV Transformer ratings are 5mA up to 25mA continuous, up to double short time.

A special tester unit is available for high voltage withstand testing of High Voltage Vacuum Interrupters or other High Voltage Vacuum devices such as x-ray tubes and can include proprietary x-ray emission monitor.

  1. Standard Input Voltage: 120V AC or optional 240V AC, 50/60Hz.
  2. Stepless Output Voltages: 0-60kV AC RMS to 73kV DC or 0-130kV AC RMS to 160kV DC with built in 3½ to 4½ digit voltmeter.
  3. Rated current: 5 to 25mA continuous (10 or 50mA short time), with built-in 3½ or 4½ digit AC milliammeter.
  4. Adjustable current overload trip.
  5. Output voltage stability: ±0.1% Depending on input voltage stability and current. Input voltage regulator optional.
  6. Voltage accuracy: ±0.1% to ±1% with included certified correction chart.
  7. Current stability: ±1.0%.
  8. Current accuracy: ±1.0%.
  9. Environment: operation: 0ºC to +50ºC. Storage: -10º to +75ºC.
  10. Temperature Coefficient: Up to 0.2% / °C.
  11. Less than approx 2 to 8 pico coulomb partial discharge.
  12. 0-1 minute timer optional.
  13. ANSI/NCSL Z540 NIST traceable certified calibration report.
  14. ISO/IEC 17025:2005 Accredited Calibration also available.
  15. Hipots can also have optional X-Radiation Monitor and High Voltage Vacuum Device Emission and Breakdown Indicator.



Specifications and Dimensions are for reference only and are subject to change.
Contact Ross Engineering Corp. for current information.