Power Class HV Voltage Dividers
Wideband DC-10MHz
2.5kV to 362kV Line to Line


Ross Engineering Corporation has developed high voltage power line disturbance transducers that are compact, portable and user friendly for observing or recording to over 900kV PK. The conjunction of these High Voltage Dividers and analyzers/recorders such as FLUKE/RPM, DRANETZ/BMI, YOKOGAWA, TEKTRONIX, SQUARE D POWER LOGIC, HIOKI, NICOLET, COOPER POWER, IDTECH and METROSONICS allow these recorders to accurately monitor voltages beyond the recorder’s normal limits. These new systems are on the leading edge of HARMONICS recording and are essential to accurately analyze power "glitches" to frequencies up to 10MHz. The previous technology that utilized frequency limited potential transformers (PT'S) was not able to accurately sense the higher frequency harmonics and transients needed to detect power quality problems that interfere with computers and sensitive controls, as well as harmonics which can cause overloads and equipment damage.


The Ross voltage dividers are available for purchase or weekly rental. They are easily used by attaching a lead from each phase of the HV power line directly to the top of each voltage divider and grounding each base. The 20ft low voltage output coax cable is connected to any suitable recorder, oscilloscope or computer. For greater distances, matching amplifiers, cable drivers and Fiber Optic Transmission systems are available.

Detailed Information

High Accuracy

Insulated Housing

Matched Pairs

Power Quality Recording

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