ISO/IEC 17025: 2005 Accredited
A2LA Calibration Certificate #2746.01

calibration4Ross Engineering Corporation’s High Voltage Calibration Lab provides high accuracy capability for conducting tough reliability tests on all our high voltage devices. In this facility we test and calibrate HV Relays, HV Dividers, HV Probes, Spark Gaps, our Fiber Optic Systems, and HV Digital Voltmeters up to 450kV. We provide our own in house test lab to ensure Ross products meet or exceed required safety standards as well as our own high standards of dependability, long life and quality. Our technicians use test equipment calibrated by or traceable to National Institute of Standards and Technology or other national metrology institute to provide the highest in testing accuracy.

calibration1Ross Engineering provides A2LA accredited high voltage calibration to ISO/IEC 17025:2005. This certificate includes accreditation to ANSI/NCSL Z540-1-1994 and any additional program requirements in the field of calibration. For the calibrations to which A2LA accreditation applies, please refer to the laboratory's Calibration Scope of Accreditation.

With steadily increasing worldwide high voltage calibration needs, Ross Engineering Corp. now maintains two separate traceable high voltage calibration laboratories. Calibration capabilities are up to 450kV PK 60Hz, 400kV DC and 400kV 1.2x50us lightning impulse and other waveforms. Our engineers can perform a wide variety of tests on high voltage devices, instruments and materials. One lab also has a large capacitor bank from 50kV to 400kV in 50kV, 0.5uF 625 joule modules, series or parallel.


calibration5Ross Voltage Divider Standards

The Voltage Divider standards used to calibrate and test were designed and built by Ross Engineering starting in 1982 and given transfer status by the National Bureau of Standards (NBS), now called the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). Since then the devices have not shown any appreciable drift or non-linearity after thousands of hours of operation. The standards are routinely sent to the national standards labs to ensure accurate and repeatable calibrations and high voltage testing from the Ross calibration lab.

calibration2High Frequency RF & Pulse Testing

Some Ross Engineering Voltage Dividers are designed for use up to 30MHz, 10 nanosecond rise time pulses. Since no national standard exists for wideband high voltage, it was necessary for Ross Engineering to develop its own RF standard and test facility. This allows us to make accurate and repeatable measurements at high frequency. Devices calibrated in this facility have been compared to other laboratories standards and have proven to be accurate and useful measurement tools.

 Other test capabilities include:

  •  ±0.01% DC, ±0.04% 60Hz, ±3% to 1MHz, ±3dB to over 10MHz.
  • DC to 10MHz CW and pulse frequency response calibration.
  • HV resistor and capacitor testing and evaluation.
  • High current low voltage temperature rise testing up to 4,000A 60Hz continuous.
  • Thermal testing from -50°C to +370°C (24cu ft).
  • HV Vacuum Interrupter, Contactor and Circuit Breaker dielectric withstand testing.
  • HV Insulation testing and evaluation.


Specifications are for reference only and are subject to change.
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