HD3 & HK3 Series 
The HD3 series mounts upright; the HK3 series has the low profile form. These extra heavy duty, stored energy closing, vacuum circuit breakers are ideal devices for quiet, high speed ground fault or line fault protection with minimum maintenance for mine equipment control, portable equipment control, or other load control. Using energy storage close & trip requiring only 8 amps at 115V 50/60Hz. Their trip and interrupt time are 1/2 to 1 1/2 cycle.

Both series are designed for a minimum of 50,000 mechanical operations and for extremely heavy repetitive duty within their interrupt or momentary ratings. Units in these series are designed for 5 to 38kV, 600, 900, 1,200 and 1,600 amp continuous rating, and 35MVA to 1,850MVA, 4,000 to 28,000 amp maximum symmetric interrupt capability. Higher voltages are also available.

The high performance stored energy mechanism insures positive close and latch combined with high speed trip. These units may be mounted in any attitude in air, oil (some models), or insulating gas. Three form C SPDT, 15 amp, 480V AC auxiliary contacts are standard for these models and up to five are optional; 10 amp, 125V DC auxiliaries are also available.

Single-pole and two-pole units are also available as well as units, for voltages up to 300kV.



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