HA3 & HE3 Series 
Ross Engineering's HA3 and HE3 series HV three-phase vacuum contactors are designed for AC high power and industrial control applications in the voltage range of 240V to 15.5kV. Each can be used in air, oil or insulating gas.

Both the upright and the low profile units use highly moisture resistant G-10 Epoxy glass with anti-track surface coating as standard insulation (if special insulation or insulation lengths are required, consult Ross Engineering). Each long life contactor is supplied with 2 form C, SPDT auxiliary contacts rated at 15A, 480V AC. 10A, 125V DC auxiliaries and up to 4 contacts are available. All Ross contactors have vacuum sealed HV contacts for quiet, explosion-proof, high voltage switching. Each unit is designed to be lightweight, compact, and maintenance-free. Most contactors have a five-digit counter, and open-closed and contact wear indicators that are readily visible from the front of the unit. Single-pole and two-pole units are available as well as units for voltages up to 300kV.


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HA3 & HE3 Series

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