for Electrostatic Discharge Certification


  • Up to 40kV or more, even up to 300kV
  • Up to 500pF or more, even up to 2mF
  • Automatic push button operation
  • Safety grounded when test is complete so operator can remove device under test safely
  • Contact Ross Engineering for your specific requirements

Ross Engineering Corporation has developed and manufactures a line of Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) testers.  One model is designed for explosive proof testing per MIL-I-23659C, Paragraph static discharge test. It incorporates high voltage electro magnetic or air pressure operated relays to safety ground, charge, and dump capacitors into the appropriate device under test. This ESD tester is a portable system utilizing 120V AC power. It is a high reliability device capable of many thousands of cycles.


Specifications and Dimensions are for reference only and are subject to change.
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