E Series Delayed Open or Close 12kV-60kV

Typical E Series Delayed Relays
40kV PK Test
1-3 seconds delay to close

E Series Delayed Open or Close 12kV-60kV
For some applications in high voltage control and safety, a delayed action but position automatic closing (normally closed) or opening (normally open) of high voltage relays or contactors upon accidental loss or normal shut down of control power is desirable if not mandatory. In some cases these are desirable in place of latching types which require momentary power to both close and open, rather than automatically changing positions with delibrate removal or accidental loss of control power. Ross Engineering Corporation has developed a line of High Voltage Relays with automatic delay, but positive closing or opening on turn-off or loss of power. They are designed for safety shorting and for sure with HV power supplies having stored energy which must not be discharged, or current flow which must not be interrupted accidentally before a prescribed time after shut down or loss of power, even though the units must be held in position only when there is control voltage applied. These relays cover the useful range of 1kV to 200kV DC or PK AC with peak test voltages up to 300kV. These HV relays/contactors have useful continuous current ratings from 0.001 AMP to 200 AMPS. They are avialable in both open types and sealed vacuum types. The open type has current closing capability only, the sealed vacuum type has a 10 AMP DC interrupt capability and up to 2,000 AMP AC interrupt capability. Higher continuous current and AC interrupt capabilities are also available in heavy duty units.

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