1kV to 300kV
1mA to
800 Amps

Typical EC Series - Low Energy HV Source
Model EC12-NO-12-

EC Series - Low Energy HV Sources 
The EC Series is a low cost gravity closing High Voltage safety transfer or shorting relay, for use with HV sources where currents and energy are low but voltages are high enough to cause injury to personnel, or damage to instrumentation if not dissipated solidly, short circuited, or grounded. The EC series relays are designed to be mounted on a floor or optionally to a ceiling or a wall with proper clearances to HV terminals of at least 3/8” through air, more if across insulating surfaces. It can be optionally modified by Ross Engineering Corp. at additional cost or by the user by adding mounting holes and by cutting off sections if necessary to reduce size to fit. Actuation life is more than 250,000 close-open operations in a 0°C to 40°C ambient. Operate time is approximately 20 milliseconds. New contact resistance is approximately 0.1 ohm. 


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