Eliminates AC hum & Coil burnout


  • Solenoid-Saver® eliminates AC hum and reduces heat generation for many types of solenoids.
  • Controlled application of current prevents coil burnout if high pull-in/low holding current AC or DC solenoids fail to pull-in completely.
  • Can adapt high pull-in low holding current solenoids to special voltages & frequencies 12V to 250V DC or 12V to 240V AC wideband 25-800Hz.
  • Optional optical isolated control input 4 to 10V, 5MA, 20 usec or more (or other control voltages) to actuate any high current solenoid directly by computer or other low power signal source.
  • For coils of 1 ohm to 3,500 ohms DC resistance requiring up to 70 amps during pull-in up to 120 milliseconds. Basic solenoid coil voltage and resistance must be specified.
  • Eliminates heat producing dropping resistors, bypass switch, dual coils, laminations, & shading coils.
  • Can increase pull-in and holding force of many types of solenoids.
  • Optional stored energy to delay solenoid release on loss of power.

  • Can be used as an added accessory to existing solenoid installation to eliminate AC hum, lower coil temperature and prevent coil burnout.
  • Optional high speed, 1 microsecond sensing, 1-10 millisecond actuation with stored energy Solenoid-Saver®

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