HC3 & HJ3 Series 
Designed for very long life and low maintenance control for medium to heavy-duty loads, the HC3 and HJ3 series of three-phase UV vacuum circuit breakers have proven to be a workhorse for a majority of the 5 to 15kV, 2 to 12 megawatt magnet rectifier loads in the major accelerators in the United States, as well as many other often switched loads. Both series are built for severe repetitive duty within their interrupting and momentary ratings. Control power can be 125V DC, 208/240V AC or high speed capacitor trip giving approximately 1/2 cycle contact parting time with a total trip and interrupt time of approximately one cycle.

Closing times of less than one cycle are common for these vacuum breakers, making them ideal for very high speed back-to-back source transfer switching in as short a time as 1/2 cycle. Three SPDT form C, 15A, 480V AC auxiliary contacts are standard and up to five are optional; 10A, 125V DC auxiliaries are also available. Single-pole and two-pole units Lire available as well as units for voltages up to 300kV. Energy storage closing & tripping units require only 8 amps and 115V 50/60Hz are available. See Solenoid Drivers.



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