A key feature of our rotary switches is their simple mechanical design which results in conservative stress levels for trouble-free, long life use.  In addition, each rotary switch has a reinforced chassis design utilizing G-10 or G-11 fire retardant anti-tracking coated epoxy glass insulation.  G-7 silicone glass is used for special applications where RF or high temperatures are involved.  Heavy duty contacts, specifically designed to minimize corona in the Ross rotaries, are made of highly conductive yet weld resistant alloy with high contact closing force.  This high force gives our rotary switches high momentary current capability and a reputation for their ability to withstand high shock and vibration as well as other severe environmental conditions.  Ratings to 150kV, to 200A.  When immersed in insulating oil, fluid or gas, the voltage withstand value is at least doubled and the interrupt capability is much greater.  In a gas atmosphere, no modification is required. However, immersion in oil or fluid may require modification in some cases, at an extra cost (optional).  Each unit is either manually or electrically operated.  One SPDT contact is standard on most units.  The auxiliary contact is used as an interlock for protection against "Switching Hot". 

rotary-specsR Series Rotary Switches - 2kV-450kV

Ross Engineering Corporation R series multi-pole, multi-position high voltage rotary switches are manually operated hand-wheel or lever types which operate at 2kV to 450kV, 1mA to over 200A continuous to 2,500A momentary 10 cycle and up to 10,000A momentary capacitor discharge, 20ms RC. Specially designed units can operate to over 600A continuous and to 6,000A or more momentary 10 cycle. Two types of manually operated HV Rotary Switches in the R series are available. Type 1 is generally for full voltage contact to contact. Type 2 is for fewer positions or applications where contact to contact voltage is considerably less than pole to pole or HV contact to ground, thus allowing much smaller size.

Higher voltage or electrically operated Ross HV Rotary Switches can be ordered upon special request.

For RF applications, submit data to Ross applications engineers for review.

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