E Series 40kV-150kV

Typical E Series
Model E40-DT-40-

eseriesmodel2E Series 40kV-150kV
These highly reliable compact air insulated HV relays are used for HV transfer, safety grounding, tap selection and capacitor discharge at 40kV to 150kV PK test in air.  They have fire-retardant epoxy glass laminate insulation with track resistant coating as well as heavy duty contacts to minimize corona and contact resistance.  All models are also available with tungsten alloy contacts for high current capacitor discharge use.  Basic units are designed to mount base down, other mounting positions must be specified.  They can withstand high shock, vibration, and severe environmental conditions.  One, two or more optional auxiliary SPDT contacts are also available for holding or indicating as follows: E40, 11A, 250V AC; E60, 15A, 250V AC and 1/2A, 125V DC; E100 and E150, 15A, 480V AC and 1/2A, 125V DC.  Other auxiliary contact ratings are available.

Specifications are for reference only and are subject to change.
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