OSHA Conforming
Optional Handle Lengths
Optional Cable Lengths

rodRoss Engineering Personal Grounding Rods are designed to temporarily ground or discharge (with current limiting at higher currents) electronic equipment and apparatus that could present a safety problem to personnel. They are not for powerline use. The rods can be hooked on to HV cables, terminals, and other points where contact will ground the devices involved. They are designed to conform to OSHA clearance requirements and can be provided with the correct handle and cable length to keep personnel away from hazardous high voltage. Handles to 12 feet and any length grounding cable are available. Handles over 5 feet are in sections of 1.5ft. which can be assembled up to 12ft. Grounding cable is AWG #8 or #10 Gauge Superflex with transparent PVC insulation with up to 30kV PK test, Translucent white Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene insulation is also available for wide ambient temperature requirements from -65° C to +200° C.

For information on handle length/voltage and maximum discharge current safety requirements, please contact Ross Engineering Corporation.

Handles with current limiting resistance included for discharging 20kV 20 Kilojoules up 100kV 50 Kilojoules are available.

 Specifications and Dimensions are for reference only and are subject to change.
Contact Ross Engineering Corp. for current information.