E Series Latching 12kV-60kV

Typical E Series Latching
Model E15-DTL-15-

eseriesmodel5E Series Latching 12kV-60kV
For transfer, safety grounding, or tap selection, at 12kV to 60kV peak test.  Most HV contacts have full installation above ground, a higher insulation level to ground is optional.  Most units are spring return and can mount in any position, or may also be used with gravity return by mounting in the proper position.  E series units are also available with replaceable tungsten alloy contacts for high current capacitor discharge use.  Current interrupting relays, contactors, and circuit breakers are also available in higher voltages and currents for DC, AC, RF, pulse and capacitor discharge.
Available up to 300kV PK.

Specifications are for reference only and are subject to change.
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