ET Series Multipole 14kV-25kV

Typical ET Series Multipole
Model ET3-14-3PDT-14- (3 Poles)

ET Series Multipole 14kV-25kV
ET series is a continuation of the rugged single pole E and ES series for 14kV to 25kV peak test in air, with the addition of up to 6 poles (or more on special order).  This compact series is open style, with high momentary current capabilities.  Air insulated; no interrupting ratings are assigned, however continuous currents range to 35 amps. Available with one, two or more sets of SPDT 11A, 250V AC optional auxiliary contacts.  Other auxiliary contact ratings are available.

Multipole ET series relays are useful for high voltage polarity reversing, multiple-load grouping, or safety grounding.  These are used in applications where it is desirable that all contacts be controlled from a single actuator.

These relays are available in 2 and 4 pole, and in 3 and 6 pole; NC, NO and DT configurations.

HV Relay Models 2 and 4 Poles   


HV Relay Models 3 and 6 Poles



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