ga12-GA Series - 12kV-80kV Peak Test, 400-600 Amps continuous

This series is used for moderate to high power applications. The compact GA series high current switches are butt contact types and are air cylinder operated. Ratings are 12 to 80kV PK test with current level ranges of 400 or 600 amps continuous; to 10,000 amps RMS momentary, 10 cycle; and to 50,000 amps capacitor discharge, 20 uSEC. Units are designed with 2 or more SPDT auxiliary contacts or air valve type position indicators as optional accessories.


GB Series - 27kV-150kV Peak Test, 400-2000 Amps continuous

Heavier-duty, high power GB series is designed with sliding multiple finger contacts. These contacts minimize power loss due to environmental contamination because of the cleaning action of the wiping contact fingers. Standard units are for low current make or break. Arcing contacts can be added for higher current make only. They do not have an interrupting rating.  Available in single pole, single throw, single or multi-pole, and double throw types, these switches are rated at 27 to 150kV PK test and 400 to 2000 amps RMS continuous; to 60,000 amps momentary, 10 cycle, and to 400,000 amps capacitor discharge, 20uSEC RC. Also available with 2 or more SPDT electrical auxiliary contacts or air valve type position indicators as optional accessories.


GD Series - 24kV-450kV Peak Test, 400-8000 Amps continuous

The GD series, 80-120PSI air actuated, single pole/single or double throw switches can be water or oil cooled in some models. Available are maximum continuous ratings of up to 8000 amps continuous in air, higher with cooling or parallelling. Contact ratings reduced to 70% when parallelled. Extremely compact for their rating, this series is available in modular block form and can be stacked in parallel for increasing current handling capabilities. Many other models are available.


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