Exceptional Frequency Response
DC-10MHz, 0.00001V to 1,000,000V*


  • 4½ Digit Read-out
  • Up to 0.01% DC Accuracy and 0.1% AC Accuracy (see specifications below)
  • True Peak Follow Up To 10MHz
  • Peak Pulse Capture & Store to 200 Nanosec
  • True RMS and Average (RMS) AC Readings
  • Dual Inputs, BNC & Banana
  • 1 Megohm & 10 Megohms Input Resistance
  • Internal Amplifier With 50 Ohm Output
  • Read-Out Hold Switch
  • 40 Hour Rechargeable Battery Power

Features of VMD2A Voltmeter

Volts DC, True RMS and average volts AC, positive and negative peak follow and store, positive or negative single pulse capture and store, peak-to-peak follow and pulse store.

Basic Meter 
DC Voltages from ±10uV to ±1000V, and AC voltages from 100uV to 700V RMS, or 20mV to 1000V peak.

DC Accuracy 
From 0.01% of reading ±4 digits on 200mV range, and 0.01% of reading ±3 digits on 2 volt range, to 0.03% of reading ±2 digits on 20, 200, and 1000 volt range.

AC Accuracy True RMS 
1.5% of reading ±10 digits on 200mV range and 0.1% ±10 digits on all other ranges up to 750 volts RMS. The meter will read up to 1MHz depending on the selected range and input signal level. Best accuracy 50-3000Hz.

AC Accuracy Average (in RMS): 
1.75% of full scale ±15 digits on the 200mV range, 0.1% of reading ±15 digits on the 2 volt range, 0.1% of reading ±10 digits for the 20 and 200 volt ranges, 0.5% of reading ±10 digits to 750 volts (RMS) on the 1000 volt range. The meter will read up to 5MHz with accuracies depending on the selected range, and input signal level. Best accuracy 50-3000Hz.

Peak Follow 
±5%, DC to 1MHz, ±18% 1 to 10MHz with input voltage above 10% of the selected range.

Peak pulse store 
200 nanoseconds or half cycle of 5MHz sine wave.

Selectable; AC only or DC+AC.

Input impedance 
Switch selectable; 1 megohm, 40pF or 10 megohms, 100pF to match Ross probes or dividers.

Dual Inputs 
Both BNC and banana jacks switch selectable. Provides rapid comparison of two separate signals.

±2V PK, 4V PK-PK amplifier output is capable of driving shielded cables terminated in 50 ohms when used with instrumentation such as oscilloscopes & recorders.

Amplifier frequency response 
DC to 1MHz ±3%, to 10MHz ±10% (1dB), to 20MHz -3dB.

Power supply 
AC line or rechargeable battery providing 24 hours under full load and up to 40 hours, quiescent conditions.

8" x 5" x 5". Rugged all metal, fully shielded case.

5.5 lbs. including rechargeable battery.


The VMD2A meter can be used alone for voltage measurement, from 0.00001V to 1000V, or in combination with the Ross Engineering Corp. 0.01% or 0.1% high voltage probes and voltage dividers. The following matched systems are available up to 1,000,000 volts:

*5kV to 400kV: WITH HV PROBE
DC and 50 or 60Hz
- Resistance coupled probe.
DC to over 10MHz - Resistance-capacitance compensated probe for wide-band performance.

DC up to 10MHz - Resistance-capacitance compensated voltage divider for wide-band performance.

The probes and voltage dividers can be matched to the VMD2A and/or many other types of instrumentation or computers.

These systems are specifically designed to provide maximum accuracy and safety for measurements of low power electronic systems, high power industrial installations and high voltage power lines. OSHA and power class safety factors are provided. The HV power class impulse rated probes and dividers have at least 2 to 1 safety factors for transient voltages above their continuous HV ratings.

Wide-band Fiber Optic and Coaxial Cable Transmission Systems
Available for transmitting the output of voltage dividers over coaxial cable, or over non-conductive fiber optic cables up to 1kM in length for greater isolation, operator safety and minimization of unwanted electrical noise pick-up or ground current distortion.

High Voltage Probes

High Voltage Multimeters


Specifications and Dimensions are for reference only and are subject to change.
Contact Ross Engineering Corp. for current information.