5kV to 1,200kV


Matched pairs high voltage dividers for high voltage differential measurements. Precision wideband 1kV to 1000kV,  0.1%DC and 0.01%DC, 0.2% to 3% AC accuracies linear within 3%, DC up to 5 MHz,

Output difference as small as 0.1V at any input voltage 1kV to 1200kV depending on model. For measuring small continuous, pulsed or transient voltage differences, point to point, or across resistive current shunts with both terminals at the high voltage level and instrumentation at ground level.

These Voltage Dividers can be adjustable to zero out any differential error or extraneous pickup and they are available in any ratio and can be made to match most loads. Matching differential fiber optic transmission systems are also available for full isolation and minimum pickup for transmission of signals up to one kilometer, further with repeaters.

 Detailed Information

High Accuracy

Insulated Housing

Matched Pairs

Power Quality Recording

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