B-1010, B1010-A, B-1012, B-1012-A



HV Probes and Voltmeters for oscilloscopes, DVMs, recorders. HV DC, AC & Wideband DC-10MHz. Safety probes for any scope, digital display or recorder. Also available complete with large 4½ digit display 0.01% to 5% DC/AC accuracy digital voltmeter, with safety handles for OSHA recommended personnel clearances. With attached or separate digital display or multimeter 0.00001V to 400kV.


HV Digital Multimeters. Wideband DC-10MHz. VMD2A 4½ digit portable meter has accuracies to 0.01% DC, 0.1% 50/60Hz, 3% DC-1MHz, 3dB to 10MHz. True RMS, Avg, True +PK, -PK, PK to PK, 0.2 microsecond, 1/2 sine single pulse capture & hold. 0.00001V - 1000V DC or PK AC and for use with HV Probes to 400kV and Voltage Dividers to 1,000,000V. Has 2V output to scope, recorder. To 1000kV with HV divider, DC-10MHz.

High Voltage Probes

High Voltage Multimeters


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