for Oscilloscopes, Digital Meters & Recorders


HV Probes for Oscilloscopes, Digital Meters & Recorders
The Ross VMP high voltage probe with it's OSHA safety complying HV insulated handle accurately measures high voltage with as low as 0.1% DC and 0.5% AC accuracy, wideband, DC to 1MHz up to as high as 10MHz when matched with the appropriate meter or oscilloscope. Voltages can be read at a convenient 1000:1 ratio or 10,000:1 ratio. Other ratios or multiple ratios also available. Ideal for power supply DC voltage and ripple measurements, pulse viewing and measurement with waveform display, measuring or recording device. Ross collapsible insulated handle "Hot Stick" is supplied according to OSHA recommendations to maintain the proper clearance between HV and personnel. Insulated 100kV per ft for protection, the Ross "Hot Stick" handles easily connect to the VMP probe as well as collapse to fit into an optional protective carrying case.

Hand held probes 5kV PK to 400kV PK and base mounted high accuracy compensated wideband voltage dividers for both indoor and outdoor use from 5kV to 1,000kV DC or PK AC are available. Also available are base mounted high voltage precision Voltage Dividers to ±.01% DC and 0.2% 50/60Hz. Allow 8 weeks for delivery. Specify Power class RMS or Electronic Class DC or PK AC operate voltage, ratio, length of coaxial output cable, instrumentation load input resistance and capacitance, DC and/or AC accuracy and frequency range desired. Complete voltmeters, display recording and fiber optic transmission systems are available.

VMP Probe Series 
The Ross VMP HV probes are designed for hand-held portable applications with insulated handle, or mounting in a fixed position. The portable capacitive, resistive, or compensated types are used with digital multimeters, oscilloscopes, and various types of panel meters. Resistive types are used primarily for DC and 50 or 60Hz AC or other specific single frequency sine wave, while the capacitive types are used for wideband and pulse work. Compensated resistance/capacitance wideband DC to 1MHz (or more) models are preferred for general use In both the VMP and VD Series.

Standard calibration is centered around 2/3 to 3/4 of the maximum rating and is matched for 1 megohm, 20 to 50pF or 10 megohms 75-100pF of load input impedance of display or recording device and optional 3ft(914.4mm), 6ft(1828.8mm), or 15ft(4572.0mm) (please specify the shortest practicable length) of RG-59 or special Ross Engineering Corporation coaxial cable. Fiber optic system or 50-75 ohm matching amplifier/coaxial cable driver is recommended for wide-band transmission over 20ft(6096.0mm). Any type can be calibrated with best accuracy and specified stability at specific frequencies, voltages and loads within their capabilities. Unless rules of shielding and proximity are followed, VMP series models may not be as accurate as the VD models due to wider variation in possible proximity of walls, equipment, etc. Other ratios and matchings are available.

Other HV Probes model types available:

  • VMP30E- 30kV
  • VMP60E- 60kV
  • VMP75E- 75kV
  • VMP90E- 90kV
  • VMP120A- 120kV
  • VMP150A- 150kV
  • VMP200A- 200kV
  • VMP300A- 300kV
  • VMP400A- 400kV

High Voltage Probes

High Voltage Multimeters


Specifications are for reference only and are subject to change.
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