for High Voltage Use


Basic Meters 
The sturdy, compact and portable Ross VMD and VMDP series voltmeter are available with 3 1/2, 4 1/2 or 5 1/2 digit readouts. Some units feature accuracies as good as 0.01% on DC and 0.1% on AC measurements. Meter with frequency responses from DC to 10MHz are available. The capability to follow voltage peaks from DC to over 5MHz or capture and store peak pulses as short as 200 nanoseconds is built into the revolutionary new VMD2A Voltmeter. These basic stand alone meters can measure voltages from 10 microvolts to 1000 volts, and to 1,000,000 volts with Ross voltage dividers.

High Voltage Meter Systems 
Most Ross Meters are supplied as systems consisting of one of the basic meters matched to the VMP series voltage probes or VM series voltage dividers. The VMP series hand held probes extend the voltage measuring capabilities safely to 400,000 volts. The base mounted VD series dividers can extend capabilities, safely, to as high as 1,000,000 volts. Most of the systems provide outputs to drive oscilloscopes, recorders etc. Systems utilizing the VMD2A can use it's amplifier output to drive 50 ohm shielded cable and instrumentation at frequencies from DC to 10MHz with useful accuracy. Meter systems are also available, featuring a portable combination voltmeter and oscilloscope to provide voltage waveforms as well as voltage levels.

High Margins of Safety 
The models utilizing the VMP series probes or VM series voltage dividers are carefully designed to provide utmost safety when measuring high voltage, whether it be low power electronic systems, high voltage industrial equipment or high voltage power lines. Extremely high OSHA and power class safety factors are provided. These high voltage, high power probes have impulse ratings providing safety factors well in excess of two times their rated voltages.

Other Ross Products 
Wideband Fiber Optic transmission systems are also available to transmit the outputs of voltage dividers over non-conductive fiber optic cables up to 1 kilometer to provide the ultimate in operator, safety and elimination of electrical pick-up and ground currents. A wide range of high voltage power control products are also available, such as the following: High voltage relays, high current switches, vacuum contactors, spark gaps, high power control and step-start systems, high voltage safety devices.

Meeting Specific Applications 
Customers for Ross Engineering Corporation products include: Manufacturers of medical X-Ray & MRI equipment, integrated circuits, high power lasers & particle beams, HV power supplies, telemission & other high power transmitters, aerospace systems, radar, airport lighting, etc.

High Voltage Probes

High Voltage Multimeters


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