EAA Series 12kV-40kV

Typical EAA Series
Model EAA25-NO-40-400-

eaaseriesmodel1EAA Series 12kV-40kV
The EAA series of air insulated HV Relays is provided for higher continuous and momentary currents, yet is still within a compact size for 12KV to 40KV PK test in air. It has higher opening and closing forces which minimize contact resistance and closing bounce. Where no HV current interrupting rating is required, it is widely used for high power load and tap selection, circuit isolation, and grounding or shorting. It has standard, weld resistant, silver-plated, easily renewable copper alloy contacts.

When supplied with the optional special heavy-duty arcing contacts of tungsten alloy, this series is excellent for closing in on high capacitor discharge and momentary fault currents with long life capability. As on most Ross HV Relays, one, two or more sets of SPDT 15A, 250V AC and 1/2A, 125V DC auxiliary contacts are optionally available, if required. Other auxiliary contact ratings are available.

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