Non-melting carbon spheres and heavy wall aluminum spheres, 0.2" to 22", 0.5cm to 56cm diameter.  With dust tight transparent covers, 2kV to 88kV.  Open style to 670kV.  Micrometer type calibrating devices.


  • Spark gaps are enclosed in dust tight transparent enclosures with replaceable non-melting carbon spheres, up to 88kV PK.
  • Above 88kV, open style with hollow aluminum spheres is standard.
  • Applications for these units include over-voltage limiting, voltage measurement, capacitor discharge, and pulse forming.
  • Horizontal unit housings are removable.
  • Vertical unit housings are not removable.
  • Micrometer Vernier adjustment is standard for maximum accuracy on most models.  Economy units without micrometer Vernier adjustment are available as an option.
  • Insulation to ground is available at standard and optional levels.
  • Spark gaps to 370kV, with motor operation available.


Specifications and Dimensions are for reference only and are subject to change.
Contact Ross Engineering Corp. for current information. 

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