HQ3 & HG3 Series 
The stored energy closing, upright and low profile HV vacuum contactor models, HQ3 and HG3, are ideally suited for high power electronic supplies and for use in AC high power industrial control systems. The upright HQ3 model is designed for indoor systems or metal-clad enclosures. Its compact, light-weight characteristics make it easy for engineers to design smaller, lighter enclosures to insure more space for other apparatus.

The HG3 low profile model is designed for fixed or mobile applications such as electrically powered transit vehicles or for use in ships or mines. Both types can be mounted in any attitude directly into the equipment or built into metal-clad enclosures. G-10 Epoxy glass is standard insulation for both models. For special insulation or insulation length requirements consult the factory. 

Some models can be mounted in oil or insulating gas. Most models have 1-1/2 to 2 cycle opening times. They also have a highly reliable vacuum interrupting capability of up to 750MVA at 15.5kV, with momentary current to 20,000 amps for 10 cycles, and 40,000 amps for one cycle fuse protected. Three SPDT form C, 15A, 480V AC auxiliary contacts are standard and up to four may be specified. Optional 10 amp, 125V DC auxiliary contacts are available. Single-pole and two-pole units are available as well as units for voltages up to 300kV.

Stored energy closing requires 115V AC 8amps during, charging, 1/2amp holding.



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