The remote contact controlled HCA Series and the SCR controlled HCB Series of Stored Energy Solenoid Drivers produced by Ross Engineering Corporation are used for high speed opening or closing of Ross Circuit Breakers and Contactors. They perform high speed microseconds to milliseconds actuation of various electromechanical devices. The units feature minimum internal time delay, trigger signal overload protection, and up to 3000 joules of energy storage.

The HCA Solenoid Drivers 
(Remote Contact Controlled) 

The HCA Solenoid Drivers are controlled by an external relay or switch. The HCA's front panel is equipped with "ready lamps" and fuses and can be opened to expose all components. When the front panel is opened, a safety interlock automatically discharges the capacitors for safe entry The HCA drivers are generally dual energy storage units designed to either close or trip (or both) Ross Engineering Corporation HV Vacuum Circuit Breakers. These energy storage units are available with voltage sensors and relays for remote indication of ready condition and to preclude closing the circuit breaker when the trip voltage is low Automatic trip on failure of control voltage or on failure of the charge circuit is also available for specific applications.

The HCB Solenoid Drivers 
(SCR Controlled)

The HCB Series are SCR controlled with an external low power 10 to 100V signal 4K ohms. The HCB Driver Signal Input is sensitive to either a pulse or a slowly changing voltage level which triggers the unit at a preset level. Standard HCB Solenoid Drivers are available in selectable trigger sensing voltages that are positive (+), negative (-), or both positive and negative. Three input terminals are used for three selectable voltage ranges. Intermediate values are adjusted with a Trigger Voltage Level Control. The input circuit of the driver is protected against accidental over-voltage or transients up to 1000V. All terminals and controls are mounted on the front panel for easy access.

An internal voltage sensor operates a double pole, double throw (DPDT), 10 amp relay as well as the panel mounted "ready lamp." This relay operates when the energy storage capacitors are charged to near the maximum output voltage. Full charge is reached in approximately 3 to 15 seconds depending on the recharge time requirement. This relay can be used to control an external ready indicator and also be used as a ready interlock which can control external circuitry so that specified remote controls cannot operate unless the driver is properly charged.

The most widely used Ross SCR Controlled Energy Storage Solenoid Drivers have charges of 80 to 350 joules (watt seconds) at 700V nominal with a line supply voltage of 115V 50/60 Hz. Stored energy is released by any Trigger Level voltage above 5 volts although a 50 to 100 volt signal with a 15 to 30 volt sensitivity setting is recommended to minimize unwanted operations.

With the Ross Driver, mechanical motion can be started precisely and completed in from less than 100 microseconds to 10 milliseconds or more, depending on requirements. Used in conjunction with Ross Vacuum Contactors or Circuit Breakers, close or trip and interrupt times of 2 to 12 milliseconds are possible. Sensing elements and a high speed switch or mechanical device to be driven are also available from Ross.

Specifications are for reference only and are subject to change.
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