Specifications and Operation notes: Model VMI & VMIVA

  • For 5 to 15kV and 15 to 38kV class systems using Elastimold or other cable elbow and tee capacitance tap voltage test points. Also available for higher or lower voltage systems and direct HV line with proper HV probes.
  • Minimum differential voltage or out of phase detection approximately 2kV L-G for 5kV to 15kV system or 8kV L-G for 15kV to 38kV system. Other detection levels available.
  • For operation with capacitance tap HV capacitance as low as 1.5 picofarads such as Elastimold elbow voltage test points. Can be calibrated to other values.
  • Maximum operate voltage with standard capacitance tap 38KV L-L. Minimum operate voltage for 15-38kV type 12kV L-L (7kV L-G) (Lower available). Also available with high voltage probes to operate with direct HV line to 72kV, 300kV BIL.
  • Special individually shielded connection cables 15 feet long for both voltage and current and monitoring. Cables can be longer if required.
  • Test circuits for both voltage presence and phasing indicators provided by push button to indicate unit is operable for each phase.
  • Model VMI has phasing, loss of phase and voltage presence indicator. Model VMIVA in addition has integral 3½ digit voltmeters and ammeters for monitoring each phase, 0-25KV L-G 0 to 250 amps (with 1000/5 CT. of at least 10VA). Other voltage and current levels available.
  • Model VMI requires 6 and model VMIVA require 12 standard alkaline or lithium 9 volt transistor batteries. A special AC powered model can also be supplied.
  • Operation test indicates if 9V battery voltage is above 7V. Operations range 12.5V max. to 7V min. battery voltage for 9 volt type. Estimated nominal 9V alkaline battery life: phasing monitor, 80 hours fully activated, 3 to 5 years quiescent; voltage and current monitors, 8000 hours. 9 volt lithium battery estimated life twice that of alkaline.

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