Long Life 
Stainless steel plunger guides that eliminate jamming, lightweight plungers that reduce impact forces, and high temperature Class H 180ºC coil insulation along with reduced temperature rise contribute to the solenoid’s longevity and reliability. An optional plating gives high corrosion resistance.

The reduced shock and vibration noise (AC hum) of the solenoid is attributed to low inertia and precision ground plungers with high seated holding force.

The Ross Engineering Corporation’s Precision AC Solenoid is structured compactly and is lighter in weight than many types with equal force. It is also useful with DC, using proper pull-in/hold switching as required.

Forces and Strokes 
Coils and plungers are interchangeable. The stroke, which is normally 0.875 to 1.25 inches, can be lengthened to several inches on some models. Forces are from 6 to 150lbs, from continuous to intermittent duty.

Universal Mounting and Parts
Made for use in various applications, the mounting brackets may be fastened in five different positions. Coils, plungers, and guides are easily interchangeable.

Many Options
120V, 208V, 240V, 480V, 60Hz coil voltages are standard. Other voltages and frequencies (including DC) are also available.

Specifications are for reference only and are subject to change.
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Force & Current Curves