HV TEST LOADS to 300kV 200kW


Design and manufacture of electronic and electromechanical devices and systems for our customers' special applications has been Ross Engineering Corporation's specialty for 44 years. Among these devices are our High Voltage Test Loads and Resistance/Capacitance Networks designed to simulate radar, communication, and television transmitter loads for testing up to 300kV DC or AC and 200kW. For example, one Test Load System required 4 separate simulated load networks to complete an 8kV, 14kV, 24/6kV, and 34kV high voltage testing system.

Each unit in the system required different features to meet our customers' needs. For example: the 34kV Pulse Load required the ability to measure the current and pulse voltage from the power supply between two points, both 34kV above ground, with differential wide-band voltage dividers. The 14kV unit required switching from 10% to 50% to 500 of load. Both of these features (and others) could be designed into any type of Test Load for more control and versatility. These Ross High Voltage Test Loads were also designed with non-inductive resistors and were equipped with current and voltage meters.

Also incorporated into the systems were Ross Engineering Wide Band Voltage Dividers for accurate measurement and wave shape display. And for safe, easy switching of high voltage, Ross High Voltage Relays and Ross High Voltage Rotary Switches were incorporated to provide completely automatic, safely grounded systems.

Other special units, besides our High Voltage Test Loads, can be designed, manufactured, and tested within our own facilities to meet your specifications. Also, high and low voltage design and testing services are available if assistance is needed with your high voltage or high power projects.


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