vd50dHigh Impedance Powerclass™ 

Portable Analog or Digital

For Power Line Use

For both Capacitance Tap Voltage Test Points and Direct High Voltage Line or other HV Sources


Complete Kits include:

  • 25kV, 50kV or 100kV Meter with integral line to ground Probe
  • Phasing or line to line with additional Probe
  • Optional 6ft or 9ft Collapsible Hotsticks
  • Voltage source for testing Voltmeters and Probes
  • Optional test point contamination indicating Megmeter®
  • High voltage cable clamps or hooks
  • Heavy duty carrying case

voltmeter2Special probes, meters and adapters are available with choice of voltage and input impedance for line to ground, line to line measurement, or phasing differential measurement. These meters are recommended for accurate voltage measurement (depending on capacitance voltage tap accuracy) on Elastimold, Burndy, Joy, RTE, KEARNY, GE or other cable termination capacitance taps and high impedance voltage sources as well as direct HV AC lines.

Detailed Information

Portable Test Set

Voltage Sensing

Hi-Z® Capacitance

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