Analog Wideband DC-1MHz


Input Voltage Ranges:
Switch selectable with over 1000 megohm, 30pF input. 0 to ±1V PK, 0 to ±5V PK,
0 to ±10V PK. Other ranges available. To 1,000,000V PK with matched Ross wideband voltage divider

Output Voltage Ranges:
Independent of transmitter setting. 0 to ±1V PK. 0 to ±5V PK, 0 to ±10V PK.
Max output current 10MA. To ±0.5V PK into 50 ohms. To ±10V PK into 1,000 ohms or higher such as 1 to 10 megohms, with up to 15ft. coax to 1MHz.

Basic Accuracy:
2% DC, 2% 1Hz-500kHz, 3dB to 1MHz

Transmission Distance:
1 Kilometer
Signal transmission not affected by shock, vibration or change in light intensity.

Power Requirements:
115V or 230V 50/6OHz and/or 12V DC powered, with integral charger or ±15V DC + 5V DC source. Optional remote on/off controlled by fiber optic cable from receiver. Standard 7AH 12V battery provides 8-15 hours of operation between charges, longer available. (Additional 12V battery can be added for longer operation). Also isolated at 115V or 230V 50/60Hz generator with 150kV PK isolation or more to power source available for continuous operation without need for battery, 5V. Or +15V 65MA, -15V 40MA, +5V 130MA, 3.5w DC.

115V or 230V 50/60Hz, 5VA, AC powered and/or 12V DC battery powered or +15V 65MA, -15V 40MA, +5V 130MA DC powered. 3.5 Watts.


Specifications are for reference only and are subject to change.
Contact Ross Engineering Corp. for current information.