Detailed Information

RR Series 
Ross Engineering Corp. RR Series compact, long life high voltage reed relays are encapsulated coil/reed types. They are built for high voltage switching applications with low current requirements. Normal use includes isolated contact to contact or contact to ground, HV tap or load selection, HV transfer or grounding applications; for over 10 million cold switching operations.

Note: These units are not for capacitor discharge unless PK current is limited to current within volt amp rating or 3A RMS (4.2A peak)

AC & DC Operate 
Ross HV Reed Relays are rated PK test 1 minute from 5kV to 15kV AC PK or DC; 3A continuous; max 50VA current make or break. Operate times are 1 to 10 milliseconds, depending on model. Continuous use up to ½ to ¾ of peak test voltage depending on application.

Current ratings are with contacts firmly closed and not subject to extreme vibration or shock at the time of current flow. Switched volt amp (or watt) ratings must be observed and are for both closing and interrupting. Care must be taken that energy in charged lines, capacitors or inductors cannot create high peak discharge or inrush currents, or excessive recovery over-voltages. If closing PK currents are exceeded, contacts may weld or have excessive erosion. If interrupting currents or recovery voltages are excessive, contacts may not interrupt or will have excessive erosion and loss of withstand voltage. When used as interrupters, transient suppression consisting of a capacitor, in series with an inrush limiting resistor, or other suppressor, across the load side, is possible if closing inrush is limited to contact rating 50VA, 3A max.

Maximum Creep Distance 
To avoid flashover, shorting due to over-voltage, and environmental or moisture contamination, Ross provides its HV reed relays with maximum creep distance between actuator terminals and HV terminals. Units are designed with as much as 2.20 inches per 10kV creep distance between HV terminals . 

Safety Encapsulation 
Most coil and reed components are encapsulated in void-free, low-loss flexible insulating compound for blocking out contaminants, minimizing corona and serving as a buffer against high shock and vibration.

Mounting & Types 
Ross RR SERIES Reed Relays are available in NO, NC, DT, single or multi-pole designs. They are built in four styles: for PC board pin mounting (type P); for universal base mounting with tapped holes; with sealed HV insulated leads to eliminate exposed high voltage connections (type L); for base mounting with solder turret terminals (type T), tapped terminals or quick disconnect terminals.

Variations of Ross HV reed relays for special applications may be ordered by contacting the factory.


Specifications and Dimensions are for reference only and are subject to change. Contact Ross Engineering Corp. for current information.