gd450-Ross High Current Switches are available up to 36,000 amps continuous and over 1,700,000 amps 20┬Ásec RC pulse, with voltage ratings of 6 volts to 400kV peak test. Standard Ross high current switches are built with 80 to 120psi air cylinder actuators. Air cylinder or motor operated for high contact force.  Arcing contacts optional for closing current. G-10 epoxy glass laminate is standard insulation on most models. G-7 silicone glass is used on models available for RF applications above 100kHz.  Most Ross high current switches are available with additional lengths of insulation, where the high voltage contacts need to be spaced at a greater distance from the actuator and control circuit.  Voltage withstand value is at least doubled and the interrupt capability is much greater when high current switches are immersed in insulating oil, fluid or SF6 gas.  For gas atmosphere, no modifications are necessary; however, oil or fluid immersion requires modification at a slight extra cost.


Specifications are for reference only and are subject to change. Contact Ross Engineering Corp. for current information.

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GA, GB, GD Series